Johnny & Associates 30 day challenge day 12


Day 12. BFMK, Best friend, Married to , and Kicked down the strais

This one was a day I had to change mostly because the original day 12 was a bit pervy and I am not into that. Also I think to say you would Kill someone is pretty harsh I mean no one is that bad in JE right (Well maybe Ryo, Pi, Jin, CHinen YUri…) Well here are my answers and they might just surprise you. Continue reading

Johnny’s & Associates 30 day challenge day 11

Day 11. Which is your favorite JE OTP OTF and why?

Okay ladies and gentlemen the day I was dreading is here so I do not do OTP. Honestly I think its weird and perverted. I instead do One True Friendship. If you’re  an OTP fan I say to each their own but I will never talk about that here.

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Johnny’s & Associates 30 day Challenge day 10

Day 10. Which is your favorite drama with more than one JE guy and why?

Wow I made it to day 10 and I am excited today’s challenge is particularly easy because I have had the same favorite JE drama since it came out. While there are many amazing drama’s out there this one is my favorite because I am able to watch it over and over without getting bored.

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Johnny’s & Associates 30 Day Challenge Day 9.

Day 9. Which is your favorite solo from a JE guy and why?

Having a solo in Johnny’s is an amazing feat especially if you’re from a larger group. I prefer solo’s intended for concerts rather than a solo debut because many times if it is for a concert it may be written and/or composed by the JE entertainer that is singing it. It was hard to narrow down my favorite solo, so I chose two. Continue reading

Johnny & Associates 30 Day Challenge Day 8

Day 8 Who is your JE Bias and Why?

Oh boy I really put off doing this one till later in the day on day 8 mostly because I don’t know if it is actually possible to have an ultimate bias in Johnny’s. Many people will pick their ultimate bias based on how hot he is. Example Yamapi most of the ultimate bias reviews out there are on Yamapi and if not him Akanishi. But in the spirit of the post I have looked at all my bias from each group and then I looked at the Jr. by now I have finally thought of saying that my ultimate Je Bias is…

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AAA Love You PV Review

I love when a Japanese group has an impressive career and they are not a 48 group or a Johnny’s. AAA is one of those groups, they always put out a great variety of Music and I am as happy with Love You as I was with their previous single.  The song is a ballad but don’t be turned away bu this. it is an absolute spectacular. Continue reading

No One Can Replace You Morning Musume 14 PV Review

Tsunku is definitely trying to revitalize Morning Musume. With their last single Wagamama Ki No Mama Ai No Joke the girls took a stance against the public separating themselves from the Morning Musume of yesteryear. Tsunku also made this more prominent by announcing that Morning Musume’s name was to be changed to Morning Musume 14. Continue reading